In unserem Monatsprogramm findest Du immer die aktuellsten Termine. Wenn Du uns kennenlernen möchtest, komm zu einer unserer Veranstaltungen. Ein schöner Anlass zum persönlichen Kennenlernen sind unsere wöchentlichen Sonntagstreffs in der Geschäftsstelle um 19.30 Uhr in Nürtingen, Weberstr. 20. Wenn Du uns bei einem anderen Termin besuchen möchtest, kannst Du Dich kurz unter anmelden.

Doing a schedule is essential to regain control of your time. Without planning, you let yourself be carried away by the current … You go to class, you take what comes, you work when the opportunity arises. In short, you navigate by sight, barely worrying about the next day, which can make you insensibly drift and lose your course. – A weekly schedule allows you instead to reserve weekly the necessary time for personal work, and there is no need to write my essay for free online. It also allows you to keep niches judiciously placed for recreation, sports that you want to practice on a regular basis and also rest (including sleep). In short: it allows you to ensure the work that is essential to your studies and to maintain a balanced life. – This weekly schedule can and must adapt to the variations of the workload and your jobs-of-time: when some courses stop before the exams, it is necessary to plan your revisions … If your results decline, it may need to add some work sessions. If you are exhausted, be sure to lengthen your sleep time. – In addition to the weekly schedule, gain height by examining all the deadlines of the month and quarter. Do you have a big assignment, a report, an important deadline? Rather than the ostrich and wait until the last moment, do a „retro-planning“: go back in time by planning each week a step of accomplishment of the duty.

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